Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ready or not, here I come.

I'd like to think I'm back "in the groove" of things. I've signed up for some races and I'm chugging away at them. Last year I didn't get to race as much as I enjoy. First, I had a tough time recovering from the Firecracker Triple. Second, I fell while trail running and broke my pelvis. Then, I kept running and struggling--not knowing what the problem was until after it had actually healed. Then I fell and hurt my back. (Not running related.) I was not allowed to run for awhile because of that.

But here I am ready for some running fun again. I've been faithfully doing strength training three times a week. I'm getting strong and I feel far fewer aches and pains during and after runs as a result. I can't say enough good things about being consistent about doing strength work as a master's runner. I realize in hindsight I was far too hit and miss about this in the past. I would do it for a season and then let it drop. I'm now subscribing to the year round schedule.

1 comment:

  1. Dang girl! That's some major ouchies. But glad to see you're getting back and healing well.

    Strength training is good!