Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I wanted ...

I hope everyone had awesome long Memorial day weekend. We had some great weather which helped my mental outlook. ;) I also painted my living room on Monday. My knee felt good enough to go up and down a step ladder so I figured it was a good time to take it on. So the living room is now a crazy deep gold yellow, a huge change from beige. I think the huge change reflected my personal desires for drastic change.

Then Tuesday, my birthday came along. I had been hoping to get something real special --a short run!

Well, I didn't get it, but I was able to walk one mile. There was a downhill stretch that hurt, but the rest was pretty good. It made me feel a bit hopeful. I'll take what I can get and enjoyed every last yard of it.

I've figured if I wasn't running by the beginning of June I would have to be a no show for the PCT50 in July. That would be very disappointing for me. But not getting back to running at all would be far more disappointing, so I will keep that in mind while I work this all out. I have a lot in life to be grateful for, so I'm going to think on those things. I do find myself daydreaming about running -even dreaming about it. Ha- It can't be helped, it's kind of like my dog when he dreams of chasing squirrels.

Today I actually walked two miles and felt better than Tuesday-- but the knee didn't feel strong enough to run. Later in the evening, I walked another 2 plus miles with my husband and it seems no worse for the wear-so I'm pretty excited about that. Now, I just need to pay attention to it and not overdo it in my enthusiasm.

Also today, all my kids took standardized tests for the year (CAT's), and while waiting for them I started reading Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.So far, it has been very entertaining reading. I'll let you know when I finish what I think.

One last note...after reading some reports from the inaugural Pocatello 50 it is now on my short list of races I'm dreaming about doing.

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  1. Happy (late) Birthday!! I have read Born to Run 3 times in a row now.. it's THAT good! Keep taking it easy and babying that knee.. we need to get you back to running!

  2. Yep, happy birthday! Keep thinking long term. You're young and have a long running career ahead. Congrats on doing the smart thing.